Money Talks | Season 1

Money Talks | Season 1

3 Episodes

"Money Talks" features market makers and leaders within the world of rare collectibles, currency, alternative assets, finance, and everything in between. Join the conversation and take a deep dive into the mind of some of the world’s most impactful guests to share their strategies and lessons to dominate their respective fields. Hosted by Legendary Sports Executive, Entrepreneur, and Investor, David Meltzer.

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Money Talks | Season 1
  • EP 1 - SEASON 1

    Episode 1

    This episode of Money Talks features:

    Greg Roberts - CEO of Stack's Bowers Galleries and A-Mark Precious metals (Nasdaq: Amrk)

    Matt Leinart - Co-Founder of Hall of GOATS & Fox Sports Analyst

  • EP2 - SEASON 1

    Episode 2

    This episode of Money Talks features:

    Jason Koonce - Founder & CEO of O.T.I.A. (One Team International Agency) and Professional Poker Player

    Josh Luber - Co-founder of Fanatics Collectibles and the founder of Zerocool

  • EP3 - SEASON 1

    Episode 3

    This episode of Money Talks features:

    Mark Salzberg - Chairman at NGC and Senior Grading Finalizer

    Peter Tuchman - The "Einstein of Wall Street" and the Most Iconic Stock Broker at the NY Stock Exchange